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How Ireland Got its Name!

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Our obsession with Ireland has driven us to develop some questions. The most obvious to start with would seem to be, "How did Ireland get her name?" Upon researching the question, it appears the answer lies in the history of the country itself.

Ireland Name Origin

The most popular and basic explanation is Éire, a derivation from the word Éiru, an old Irish word for the matron goddess of the Island. It is used in modern day as her being the personification as the goddess of sovereignty, in reference to Ireland's relatively recent revolution.

Irish Goddess Eiru

Ancient Greeks, like the poet Orpheus and the philosopher Aristotle, called it Ierna. The Romans who occupied lower Great Britain later called it Hibernia, based on Greek geological references. The Romans tried to invade Ireland, yet never succeed, and eventually stopped trying!

Aristotle Ireland Roman Invasion of Ireland

Obviously the "Emerald Isle" is a world renowned nickname for the beautiful, green covered island.

Emerald Isle Meaning

While people like to think there's only one origin of the name Ireland, I like to believe it's an amalgamation of various names it was called throughout its history, as well as the culture and religion of the Irish themselves!

Good Friday and Easter

The Friday before Easter is widely and commonly known as Good Friday, by all other Christians, including Catholics. While Easter Sunday is a wonderful day of great celebration of the resurrection of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Good Friday is a more solemn day, where we remember Jesus’ sufferings with the Stations of the Cross, culminating in his [...]

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Bailey’s Irish Cream Pie

Only four ingredients, but oh so good!IngredientsChocolate Cookie Crust7oz jar Marshmallow Fluff1 Pint Heavy Cream½ Cup Bailey’s Irish CreamInstructions 1.Whip heavy cream stiff2.Whip Marshmallow Fluff until smooth. Add Bailey’s Irish Cream3.Fold Stiff Cream into fluff, licking fingers around bowl to get every, last drop4.Pour into Chocolate Cook Crust and freeze 3-4 hours5.Finish licking bowl clean and enjoy every last bit o’ [...]

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Highland Cattle

In Scotland, there is a special breed of cow called, “Highland Cattle.” They have extended horns, much like the American Longhorn in appearance. Record of these ‘Heilan Coo’ go all the way back to the 6 th century AD. Naturally, with Scotland as their native home, they have long hair to survive the harsh winters; in fact, their oily exterior [...]

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What's Behind Being A Festival Vendor

Dennis and I booked 18 Irish Festivals this Summer.  We have 4 more to go. have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to bring you a beauful complete PopUp Irish Shop?   It takes time and hard work, work of love and passion.We arrive at a venue with our sleeping quarters securely [...]

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Triple Crown Winner , American Pharaoh, Living On Irish Owned Farm

American Pharaoh, the 2015 Triple Crown Winner is living on a beautiful Farm, down by Lexington, KY.  We were very lucky to get two of the 20 tickets offered Daily to visit the farm and horse, up close and pretty personal.  He is now living on Coolmore America Ashford Farm.  In a very secured stall, [...]

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Kentucky Road Trip, & a Triple Crown Winner

I have always wanted to travel to the horse area of KY.  We, Dennis & I have a connection to the Kentucky Derby.  In May 1973, Secretariat won the Derby.  It was also our very first date!  One year to the day later May 4, 1974 we were married Kentuckey Derby Day, our first song [...]

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2016 Dennis & Susan Excellent Road Trip Begins Sunday!

                                              Every Summer Dennis & I take to the road beginning in the Spring and ending in late Fall.  We vend at about 18 Irish Festivals all over the East and Mid West.  During that [...]

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Remembering My First Communion

                   I made my First Holy Communion in 1962.  It was at St. Mary's Church in Denville, a place where I would later marry, our family Church. My short little dress was the same dress my sister Jeanette wore, and the one my younger sister Joan would wear.  My Veil [...]

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Communion 2016, Keeping it Fun for Your Little One

Our Communion Department is open for 2016.  We are excited and love this time of year.  We want each child who comes in to feel important on their Communion Day.  We make the selection easy  by having the dresses by size.  Each section devoted to a size.  The trick is to make the child  comfortable [...]

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