Do the Irish Have Seasons?

As a matter of fact they do.  I sit writing this on Friday morning, a glorious brisk sunny day where leaves are at peak on Smith Road in Denville. We are so lucky to have such beautiful color in our lives.

The Irish have the four seasons, usually accented with four seasons of rain.  Kidding aside, Ireland in the Fall is beautiful, the hues of Amber and Red are on the hillsides, the Fuchsia is in full bloom on the hedge rows and there is the sense all around that it is time to tidy for the Winter cold months that are coming along.

Winter in Ireland, long and dark, it stays dark in the morning until after 8AM. They get snow in the higher parts, more of an icy snowball type of snow. Dublin on occasion gets snow or freezing mist, which renders a city wide shutdown as they do not have salt, sand, plows or grit. I have been there, and there is nothing like trying to navigate a slippery cobblestone walk. A few years ago I had to take a taxi one half block because I just could not walk on the ice.

All in all it really does not matter when you visit Ireland, it is always beautiful and always a weather surprise. Just always dress in layers!

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