Skipper Cap Tweed by Hanna Hats

Skipper Cap Tweed by Hanna Hats

Hanna Hats
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Sku no: 9823 Grey/Brown Tweed Skippers Hat
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This Grey/Brown Tweed Skippers Hat is hand crafted in Ireland by Hanna Hats of Donegal. This hat has an extra band of tweed which has the hat stand up higher.  Used by fishermen from along the Wild Atlantic coast of Ireland, this classic style cap is an ideal fashionable accessory and is worn by everyone of any gender.

  • Tweed Skippers Hat
  • Grey/Brown
  • extra band of tweed

Hanna hats is a family run business founded by David Hanna Snr, who made his first hat in 1964. The first Hanna hat took four and a half hours to make and was called "Hanna Hat" no. 84. 

Visitors were always welcome to David Hanna’s workshop. Today you can visit the Hanna Hat shop which is now run by David's two grand granddaughters Amanda Jane & Eleanor Hanna. These women have a deep commitment to provide quality hats and to drive Hanna Hats into the future.

Available in a selection of solid tweeds.

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