Celtic Trinity Knot Two Tone 14K Gold Gents Wedding Band

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Three individual bands come together in harmonious radiance to create a stunning two-tone gentleman's wedding ring.  The center band, crafted in 14K yellow gold and intricately carved with Celtic Trinity knots, glows between two bands of 14K white gold trimmed with a ridged pattern.  One can find this piece in the Aishlin yellow gold collection.

Made in Ireland by Shanore of Dublin.

The groom who selects this ring wants to boast his never-ending love for his partner. The Trinity knots that dance around his finger in golden parade tell the tale of his and his beloved's passion, loyalty, and dedication to ensuring the other's happiness.  Marriage may be a manmade institution, but the devotion between a husband and wife is part of a divine plan that was meant to be.  Few men's wedding bands would serve as such a handsome testament to that truth.


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