St. Brigid's Cross from Irish Turf

St. Brigid's Cross from Irish Turf

Liffey Artefacts
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The design of this cross merges the earth of Ireland, religious festival, and Irish culture. Cutting turf in Irelands bogland remains a huge part of Irish cuture and this is a very nice idea, to craft a religious item, an Irish religious festival, out of the land of Ireland.

This St. Brigid's cross is beautifully made from Irish turf and is designed for hanging on the home wall. It measures 7" wide x 7" tall and and comes with a hook so that you are ready to hang it. The Irish peat St. Brigid's wall cross is made in Ireland by Liffey Artefacts.

  • Gift boxed
  • Height 10 inches
  • Weight 700g

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