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Communion 2023


Faith & Begorra Communion 2023 will open January 3rd. With Standards of Operation in place to we will show and fit dresses by appointment, please call starting December 6th to schedule yours. We encourage you to read the information below so your experience will be a wonderful memory for you and your Communicant.

Communion Appointment Hours:

Limited walk-ins spots are available on a first come-first serve basis. To insure a pleasant experience, appointments are highly recommended.

Monday thru Friday 9:30AM-5:00PM

Saturday 10.00AM-5:00PM

Sunday 11:00AM-4:00PM

Call (973)625-0070 to book an appointment today!

Please NOTE these are appointment hours not SHOP hours.

Monday - Saturday we close at 5.30PM

Friday evenings we are open until 7.30


COVID Safety Guidelines

Faith & Begorra continues to work to provide the safest environment for you and your little one, keeping your family safe during your visit is our top priority. Rest assured our shop is cleaned every day, and our AccuPure Air Purifier runs 24/7 sanitizing touch points and the air continually.

Keeping safety in mind we have added a photo gallery of our 2023 Collection with a sampling of dresses from each of our designers available at Faith & Begorra. Our photo gallery allows you to pre-shop our dresses styles and make a list of your favorites.


Important information before your arrival:

  • Upon arrival at your appointment you will be greeted by a staff member where we ask you to use hand sanitizer & receive gloves to wear
  • • Social distance is important, we hope you understand the importance of sanitizing and social distance.
  • Our appointments are staggered and we ask that you arrive at your specified time.
  • We are allowing only four(4) people including the Communicant per booking. When you make an appointment we will ask for your name, phone number. We will do our best to contact you if we have a reason to be closed due to snow.
  • We will call you to confirm your appointment one day before your scheduled appointment.
  • When you arrive and after our initial check in, we will give you an overview of our Communion department and direct you to the size you would like to try on. The girls will be required to have all dresses go over their heads. Dresses are delicate and special, please respect by hanging them back up, and zipping them as you try each one on. We will be happy to help you and return the dresses back to the rack for you. We will do a fit test for the child and suggest styles and sizes. Each appointment is one hour.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Must I make an appointment? Yes and no, this year we are setting Appointments to insure safety for you, your family and our staff. Groups are limited to four persons per appointment, including the Communicant. However, Faith & Begorra has a very limited number of spots for Walk-ins, but to ensure you are have a spot, appointments are highly recommended.
  3. Why do I need an appointment? And why is there a four(4) people limit, including the Communicant? We continue to limit the number of customers in our shop. Our goal is to provide the safest environment possible for your child and family.
  5. When should I book my appointment? Book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment as weekend time slots fill up fast. We also have weekday and evening appointments available for your convenience.  
  7. How do I book an appointment? Simply call our shop at (973) 625-0070 to book. It would be helpful to have an alternate date in mind.


  1. What should we do before our appointment? Enjoy our Communion Experience web page to get a feel for what we offer, our newest 2023 dresses will be highlighted. Know that we have hundreds of dresses at every price point and in many styles: Fancy, poufy, lace or not, simple, low waist, waisted, sleeveless or sleeves. We will be happy to be your guide and suggest dresses to you.


  1. What are the price ranges of your dresses? Our dresses range in price from approximately $115.00 to $700 for our Rosa Clara Designer Collection.


  1. Are there any Special Offers? Yes, all in-stock dresses are 20% off. Please note, this special savings applies to in-stock dresses only, it does not apply to dresses that have to be ordered.


  1. Do you do alterations? No, we do not offer alterations. However, we do have information on alteration service providers. Note: It is best to have the dress or suit altered nearer to your home and closer to the time of your child’s Communion event.


Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to your visit!

Susan B. Banks, Owner & Team


Experience Counts

My name is Susan Banks, owner of Faith & Begorra. I have over 30 years experience with young children celebrating their First Communion. The shop was started because I had trouble finding the right gifts for our own five children when they went through their sacraments.

Here I am over 30 years later with the finest and largest most complete Communion Department in the Tri-State Area. We have sent our dresses to many foreign countries and families from over 18 States have traveled to us here at Faith & Begorra to pick from our selection.

We are a small shop with a personalized service for each family. Robin, Patricia, Kristin, MaryLou, Joan and I look forward to you coming in with your little one as you journey through this very special time. We want to guide you through having their special day remembered.


Click on names to open designer collections.



Style #UF7155

Style #UF7155

Style #UF8160S

Style #UF8160S

Couture Dress (Style Faye)

Couture Dress (Style Faye)

Signature Collection (Style #UF2509)

Signature Collection (Style #UF2509)

Couture Special

Couture Special

Angel Colletion (Style #UF8160)

Style Faye

Style Faye


Style #090054

Style #090054

Style #090045

Style #090045

Sarah Louise


Style #119375x

Style #119375x

ISABELLA • Ireland

Style #IS20556

Style #IS20556

Style #G520584

Style #G520584

Style #G529506

Style #G529506


Style #119375x


Style #32027

Style #32027

KOKO • Ireland

Style #KO19934

Style #KO19934

Style #KO20728

Style #KO20728





Style #SP160

Style #SP160


Style #SP111



Sleeveless dresses are our most popular dresses, the girls like them, they look pretty. Most dresses are designed to have very little detail directly under the arm so the dress will be comfortable for the child.

Note - The dress Isabella is wearing is no long available, we are showing for the style of being sleevless. We have been unable to have photo shoots.

Christine Helene (Style #UF7155)

Christine Helene (Style #UF7155)

Jacket Dresses

Some dresses come with a jacket, such as this dress from Ireland. that is featured here. Some churches require a young girl’s shoulders to be covered on Communion day. We sell separate jackets if you need one, or if the day will be cool.

Note - This dress photo is not current we are using it to show a dress with a jacket. We have been unable to have a current photo shoot.

Isabella (Style #G520584)

Long Sleeve

The long sleeve dresses are my favorite, we only have a couple, and featured here is a favorite for this year by Isabella a company from Ireland Exclusive to Faith & Begorra. Notice the bodice on this very special dress.

Note - This is not a current dress, we are using it to show a long sleeve style dress. We have been unable to do a photo shoot.

Isabella (G519356)


We purchase all the dresses we can with sleeves, a sleeve can make a dress look dainty and finished. No need for a jacket or a shawl. Here we feature a lace sleeve by Isabella, a company Exclusive to Faith & Begorra from Ireland.

Note - This is not a dress we currently have in stock. It is a dress we are showing with sleeves. We have been unable to do a photo shoot.

Isabella (G519328)

Higher Waist

Little girls comes in all sizes from size 4 thru 20.5. They are all about the same age and all want to look nice on Communion Day. Sometimes a dress that rides just above the waist is all a child needs to bring a wonderful smile to her face.

Note - This is not a current dress and no longer available. We have been unable to do a photo shoot.  


Lito (Style #090054)

Lito (Style #090054)

Long Dresses

At Faith & Begorra we do not purposely purchase long dresses, however dresses from Europe tend to run longer and depending on height and size of a girl may fall longer. For this and all dresses we show a young girl how to walk, sit, and climb steps in her dress so her day will be comfortable for her.

Note - This is a dress no longer available, we are showing it to you as an example of a long dress. We have been unable to have a photo shoot.


Sarah Louise (Style #090054)

Sarah Louise (Style #090054)

Low Waist

Some girls are tall for their age and for them a lower waisted dress looks nice, it sits on the hips. We have many low waisted dresses to choose from. Featured here is Gwen by Christie Helene Couture Collection

Note - This dress is no longer available. We are using it as an example of a low waisted dress. We have been unable to have a photo shoot.


Nan & Jan (Style #32104)

Pocket Dress

Pocket dresses from Isabella

We only have a very few, but pockets always seem to be fun for the girls!

Note - This is not a current dress and is not available. We are showing what a pocket dress style looks like. We have been unable to do a photo shoot.


Isabella (Style #IS2055)

Isabella (Style #IS2055)

Waist Dresses

When shopping for a dress, we make sure a child sits, walks, uses steps and walks not runs in a dress. Sometimes a child will really want a certain dress but it is just not quite comfortable for them. We have them sit in it to see if the dress is right and they will enjoy their day.

Note - this dress is no longer available. We are using it as a sample of a dress with a waist. We are unable to do a photo shoot.



Christie Helene (Style #UF7155)


Collar Dresses

We have a few dresses with Collars, one by Sara Louise, one by KOKO. They are very pretty and collars add a sweet element.


Koko (Style #KO19934)

Lace Top or Illusion

We have a wonderful selection of dresses with a lace bodice or with lace and illusion. Some have sleeves, others are sleeveless. As in all these descriptions, it comes down to what you want for your daughter on her special day.

Note - This dress is not longer available, we are using it as an example of a dress with lace bodice. We are unable to do a photo shoot.


Mon Cheri (Style #119375x)

3/4 Sleeve 

This is a very sweet style Communion Dress. You do not need a jacket and it is very pretty. We do not have too many, but we do try to purchase all we can.

Note - This is not a current dress, we are using it as an example of a dress with a 3/4 sleeve. We were unable to do a photo shoot.

KoKo (Style #KO20728)

KoKo (Style #KO20728)

KoKo (Style #KO20728)



Abby is zipped and from there we check to see sleeve fit, and front/back fit. Dress should be smooth and without gaps. Across the top edge you should not be able to see down into the dress. If a dress is sleeveless, we make sure you can not see into the side of the dress, and we make sure the sides are not too high and cut short under the arms.


Here the dress is being checked for growth. Most dresses are purchased way before the Communion, we want to make sure Abby has wiggle room and can sit comfortably in the dress. We have the girls sit, go up steps and twirl.They will be very excited on Communion Day and we want them to choose a dress that fits them and will be fuss free.


Abby is checked to make sure she has a smooth fit front and back and that the length of the dress is correct to keep any excited little one from tripping on her big day. We suggest the children practice walking in their dress and always make sure to scuff the soles of their shoes.



Once we make sure the dress has "spin" and everything is ok, we celebrate with a thumbs up. Abby is my granddaughter, I am her Grammie Sue, and she was one very patient young lady as we photographed her. I want every young girl to have a good experience at Faith & Begorra. First Holy Communion is a very special time in a child's religious growth and we are here to help guide your child through the journey. Now little Abby is my stylist for our in house photo shoots. It takes a village to have a little girl pose in dozens of dresses for her Grammie Sue. Cousins Abby & Chloe make it fun.



Dress Alterations

We do not offer alterations, which is why we deduct 20% off your dress purchase. If you need alterations, we have the cards for two excellent businesses. Just ask at the register.

We suggest if you need alterations to wait until about 3 weeks before Communion as little ones grow.




From East Using Rt. 46

Bear right off of Rt. 46 Westbound. by Sogo in Denville. Follow Bloomfield Avenue along River straight into town. We on on right hand side at the corner or First Avenue and Broadway.

From The West ( Pa)

Rt. 80 East to Exit 38, Denville. As you come off the exit ramp, get into left lane. Go thru the first light by Burger King, at the second light, bear left thru light and follow flow of traffic into town. At next light, go straight down Broadway. We are last store down on the left side at the end of the first block.

From RT 46 and Dover

Follow directions above "From the West, PA".

From the North Via Rt. 287

Rt. 287 South to Rt. 80 West about 4 miles to Exit 39 Denville, follow directions above.

From the South Via Rt. 287

Take Rt.287 North to Rt. 80 West, follow directions above.

From Rt. 10.

Take Rt. 10 East or West to Rt. 53 North. Follow 4 miles into center of town, make hard right at clock tower. We are last shop down on left hand side at the end of the first block.

From the East (New York)

Rt. 80 West to Exit 39, Denville. After you exit Rt. 80 you will be on Rt. 46 East, make 2nd right hand turn (Rt. 53/Denville)At Stop Sign, make a right and go to second traffic light, make a hard right onto Broadway. We are last store down on the left hand side, the corner of First Avenue and Broadway.





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