Claddagh Celtic Design 14K Gold Wedding Band White Gold Edges

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Shanore Claddagh Celtic Design is the idea of a Trinity given an elegant new understanding in this gorgeous Celtic wedding ring.  This ring is crafted out of three beautiful bands; the two bands of 14K white encircling and bordering the exquisite lustre of the 14K band of yellow gold. Embossed on its band of yellow gold are two of the most iconic and romantic of the Celtic symbols; the familiar motif of the Claddagh ring and the unending weavings of a Celtic Knot.  Together these individual parts form a most unique and inspiring wedding ring.

Made in Ireland by Shanore of Dublin.

 Marriage is the crafting of two separate people into a beautiful unity.  The ring you slide onto your beloved finger should do nothing more than be a reminder of what a marriage is; a joining, a balancing of forces, a relationship where friendship and loyalty are as important as love.  Since you will wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life, let it be something more than just a sparkling jewel.  Let it be a reminder of everything that is important to you.

7mm wide

  • Sku: BR8WY

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