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This Faux-Malachite-Rosary is sliver with green beads.

This beautiful Faux-Malachite-Rosary is made of Sterling Silver and is has decorative Irish green beads, a metal at the end and sliver crucifix.

  • Sliver Crucifix
  • 5 green 7mm Rosary Beads
  • Silver Metal

The rosary is used in a time of devotion to honor the virgin Marry. The Rosary is used by praying on each bead in a set number of specific prayers. These prayers being three Hail Mary's, one our father, one Apostles and one Glory be. 

The significance of the celtic sliver crucifix is said the circle behind the cross represents the Roman sun. This notion derived from the creators of the stone circle. St Patrick then took the ancient sun symbol and extended the length to form a cross. Which is now known as the celtic crucifix that is on this rosary.

A Celtic Rosary is the perfect way to express your faith and culture. 

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