Vintage Patchwork Flat Cap by Hanna Hats
Vintage Patchwork Flat Cap by Hanna Hats

Vintage Patchwork Flat Cap by Hanna Hats

Hanna Hats
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Vintage patchwork flat caps were originally made for working in the Donegal fields in all kinds of weather, these caps from Hanna Hats will keep you warm, dry, and in timeless Irish style. Each of the hats we stock is unique - the muted patchwork tweed patterns recalling the beauty of the Irish landscape. Made in Ireland and woven of pure Irish wool in a style passed down through generations. No two caps are the same, as each is made one by one. We will select for you a very handsome hat.

  • Vintage patchwork flat cap
  • Patches
  • Snap Front Cap

David Hanna Snr founded of Hanna hats in 1964 which is when the first Hanna hat was made. This Hat took 4.5 hours to craft and was called "Hanna Hat" no. 84. 

David Hanna was always open to visitors to his workshop. Today you can visit the family business that is currently run by his granddaughters Amanda Jane & Eleanor Hanna. These women have a commitment to providing quality hats and drive Hanna Hats into the future. 

Sizes -

XSmall, no head size given

Small- Head Size 7, 22.5"

Medium- Headsize 7.25, 23.24"

Large- Headsize 7.5, 24"

XLarge-Headsize 7.75, 24.75"

XXLarge-Headsize 8, 25.5"

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