Sunday Dinner

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The wind is blowing, it is dark and winter, time for dinner..wearing your Irish Knit Sweater, off to the kitchen you go to make a warm dinner with your gift basket of goodies.  Start with warm Odlums  soda bread and jam, add thick  vegetable soup, and linger while your shepherds pie browns in the oven.  the kettle begins to whistle for your cup of Barry's tea and a nice sweet biscuit like a custard cream.

Basket Includes

- Barry's Tea 40 ct

- Jacob's Creme Crackers, Full Size

- Boland's Digestives, Full Size

- Bachelor's Peas, Full Size

- Boland's Custard Creames, Full Size

- Crunchie Bars, Full Size

- Flake Bars, Full Size

- Coleman's Shepherd's Pie Mix, Full Size

- Thick Vegetable Soup Mix, Full Size

- Potato Soup Mix. Full Size

- Odlum Brown Bread Mix - Full Size 

- Old Thyme Orange Marmalade - Full Size

 - Teatime Biscuit Selection - Full Size

 - Tayto Crisps - Individual Bag

- Tayto Salt & Vinegar - Individual Bag

-  Roundtree Fruit Pastilles - Full Size Bag

-  Flahavans Oatmeal - Full Size 

 Plus handful of Mint Hard Candy and a few Bewley's Individual Carmelized Buscuits



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