Kentucky Road Trip, & a Triple Crown Winner
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Kentucky Road Trip, & a Triple Crown Winner

I have always wanted to travel to the horse area of KY.  We, Dennis & I have a connection to the Kentucky Derby.  In May 1973, Secretariat won the Derby.  It was also our very first date!  One year to the day later May 4, 1974 we were married Kentuckey Derby Day, our first song was call to the gate!  Fast forward 42 years, and today we are in Lexington, we are camping at the KY Horse Park, we went on a couple farm tours yesterday, and today....we are visiting Coolmore America Ashford Farm, home to American Pharaoh!

This horse is now a stud who makes $200,000 per courtship.  He mates three times a day and is expected to have over 100 mares.  The mares are all from top stock too, and together the future of horse racing and breeding continues.  Yesterday we went to Katierich Farm and Normandy Farm.  Here are a few photos.  Tomorrow I hope to report back on American Pharaoh


Dennis with a horse born in January, Me with a horse born on March 30th, and a little guy born just six days ago! My horse will be a million dollar winner down the line because he was sired by Tipat and Mare comes from Storm Cat Line.  BTW Tapid gets $300,000 per mate session!


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