Communion 2016, Keeping it Fun for Your Little One
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Communion 2016, Keeping it Fun for Your Little One

Our Communion Department is open for 2016.  We are excited and love this time of year.  We want each child who comes in to feel important on their Communion Day.  We make the selection easy  by having the dresses by size.  Each section devoted to a size.  The trick is to make the child  comfortable and excited for their Communion Day ahead.  No matter which dresses are chosen to try on, we will be happy to do a fit test on your child and make a suggestion.  Some styles may fit better than others depending on the child and the growth rate.  Our price points cover dresses from under $100.00 to Couture pricing. There is a dress for every little girl.  We pride ourselves with our selection of plus sized dresses.  Many times a child comes in feeling unhappy, but once we show them a selections of dresses in their size, a big smile crosses their faces.  We suggest if possible mom come in first and see what we have to offer, it can be over whelming to see over 700 white dresses in many styles.  We have over 100 different dresses in some sizes.  Pick a few you will be happy with, then bring your daughter in to try on and let her see what she likes best.  Make it a special day and a happy one that will never be forgotten. Be sure to ask us to set your your daughter up for our signature front/back photo shot! 

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