Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin

Glasnevin Cemetery, located in Dublin, Ireland was our first stop on our tour to Ireland.  40 people flew in today to set off on an adventure in the beautiful Country of Ireland.  Our visit to Glasnevin started with a full Irish breakfast, I think there were nine different things on my breakfast plate.  From there we toured the Cemetery.  There are over 1.5 million people buried there, more under ground than above ground in the city.  Anyone can be buried there, and it is a place of history and beauty.  Noted Revolutionary leader, politician, and Minister of Finance, Michael Collins is buried there.  To this day his grave is always covered in fresh flowers from all over the world.  He receives, Christmas cards, birthday cards and even Valentines Day cards. No matter which side you were on during the uprising, men and women are buried there.

From Glasnevin we travelled thru Dublin to the Guinness Storehouse, the most visited place in Ireland, after a tour, all got a nice pint of the Black stuff, the blond in the short black dress!  Tonight we enjoyed dinner on a Canal Boat, homemade Guinness Stew (what else?), brown bread, Vegetable soup, and Apple Tart  for desert.  You will never go hungry or thirsty on a Tour to Ireland, Book your tour thru us and we will make your Irish dream come true! 

Note from Susan...for whatever reason the photos are not appearing on the Blog..I will try again and add them with notation tomorrow. 

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