New Web Site, needs a BLOG, so here we go!
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New Web Site, needs a BLOG, so here we go!

I am so happy to have a new Web site and a blog.  Now I can bring you everything Irish & Catholic in more detail.  Let's start with on Monday I am leaving for Ireland for a 9 day tour with customers who have signed up to travel with Faith & Begorra.  We will be in Dublin, Kildare, Kinsale, Cork and Kilarney.  A highlight of the trip will be a cookery class at Ballymaloe Cookery School, where we will then have dinner.  More on that later.  For now I leave you with a few photos to get you inspired to love all things Irish.  My first three photos, include, Dromoland Castle, HaPenny Bridge in Dublin, named for the cost of crossing the bridge, and my favorite scence, the little sheep, running around a field!  This is a very exciting time for Faith & Begorra as we move forward with the site, Social Media and the Blog.


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